Tomcar in Australia Now Accepts Bitcoin for Its Vehicles

Tomcar in Australia Now Accepts Bitcoin for Its Vehicles
Tomcar in Australia Now Accepts Bitcoin for Its Vehicles

Tomcar in Australia Now Accepts Bitcoin for Its Vehicles

Bitcoin is making great inroads in Australia; now, Tomcar which manufactures vehicles for ranching, farming, defense, and tourism industries, etc. have started accepting the digital currency. Australia has become the largest market for Bitcoin outside the U.S.

David Brim, the CEO of the company says that Bitcoin is the future and none can deny it for probity. He says that the Aussie-made Tomcar which has evolved into an ultra-functional, durable and versatile off-road utility vehicle fit for commercial and private use in Australia’s most demanding and rugged conditions, is all set to help Bitcoin become mainstream.

Tomcar is a Radical Company

David Brim has always been of the radical beliefs. He says that his company has been Australia’s first new mass production car manufacturer for over 30 years wherein its business is based on disrupting the old system. Innovation has been the mantra for this vehicle manufacture over the three decades and it has been receptive to the new technologies.


However, according to the CEO of Tomcar in order to be a truly innovative auto manufacturer, it needs to be about more than what you make. He believes that to transfer through the entire company system, your supply chain, distribution, and now even payment systems such as Bitcoin are quite important.

There are several benefits that the company will get when it accepts Bitcoin as a method for payment. For instance, though Australia’s goods and services tax applicable, David Brim says that using Bitcoin will reduce costs, particularly, when the company uses it to pay overseas suppliers without incurring currency trade and transaction costs.

Bitcoin Will Reduce Additional Cost for Tomcar

Since the company wants to reduce additional costs, it started online sales of the vehicles. Now, buyers can pay Bitcoin and get the desired vehicle delivered to them at their doorstep. The entire Bitcoin payment has been made easy as when a buyer selects Bitcoin as his or her currency of choice, the Bitcoin exchange rate is calculated in real time.

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