Tim Byun Becomes Chief Compliance Officer at BitPay

Tim Byun Becomes Chief Compliance Officer at BitPay
Tim Byun Becomes Chief Compliance Officer at BitPay

Tim Byun Becomes Chief Compliance Officer at BitPay

Tim Byun has been appointed as Chief Compliance Officer at BitPay, the world leader in business solutions for the Bitcoin digital currency. The announcement came to notice when the company released a press note that it has named Tim Byun as its Chief Compliance Officer so that he can see the company is in compliance with the laws.

The kind of work experience Tim Byun who earlier worked as the Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorist Financing Officer of Visa Inc. is quite relevant and will be used by BitPay. He began his new role for BitPay at the Digital Banking Summit conference June 2 wherein he put his views on The Digital Future.

In the press release issued by the organization Executive Chairman Tony Gallippi said that as the Bitcoin industry continues to grow, BitPay wants to ensure that the policies of the company and procedures fall in line with various states, federal and international regulations and for that reason his company hired Tim so that he sets up and maintains a compliance structure.

According to BitPay, before the appointment it considered the CV of Byun previously served as Visa’s head of Global Credit Settlement Risk, leading anti-money laundering programs to maintain Visa’s compliance. His work experience is quite relevant to the job he is going to take over and expectedly, he is going to help the company comply with the existing laws.


The Relevant Work Experience Will Help the Company Comply with the Laws
Interestingly, before joining Visa, Tim Byun was an Examining Manager with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation for nine years which is going to be quite use considering the fact that he will be dealing with the government officials, particularly the ones from Federal Reserve.

Highly educated Tim Byun, MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles and Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Southern California, is expected to be an asset for BitPay. The organization says that Byun will be speaking on BitPay’s behalf at Bitcoin in the Beltway , June 20 -22, a Bitcoin conference taking place in Washington, DC.

Apart from Tim Byun, BitPay also hired Anjali Kamath as the new General Counsel/Compliance Manager. She too comes from similar background wherein she worked as Corporate Compliance manager at ClearPoint. Her work experience as Chief Compliance/Legal Officer for five years at Lindner’s Capital Advisors Inc. is expected to help the company.

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