TigerDirect to Accept Bitcoin Payments in Canada


TigerDirect to Accept Bitcoin Payments in Canada

Retailer of technology TigerDirect has said it will be taking bitcoin payments made through its e-commerce website in Canada and all its portals on tablets and mobile sites.

The company announced for the first time it would start accepting bitcoin payments in January. At the particular point in time, TigerDirect said it aimed at making it possible for customers pay using innovative methods beside conventional means. After the announcement, the firm posted more than $1 million worth of bitcoin payments as early as much.

The Canadian bitcoin payments will be implemented in collaboration with BitPay, a company statement said.

“The demand has remained constant with bitcoin purchasing on our TigerDirect.com site. The demand has not just been in products, it’s also been in social outreach. We’ve been in contact with our reddit community, and they’ve been asking us when this was going to be rolled out in Canada,” TigerDirect marketing director Steven Leeds told CoinDesk.

All the company’s customers can buy products through its tablet and mobile platforms. Leeds added that the development was new for both its US and Canadian customers.

The pronouncements on TigerDirect’s Canadian virtual currency roll out came to the fore in a reddit Ask Me Anything session the company held. Before commencement of the Q/A session, several members of the community asked TigerDirect if it desired to make such a move.


The move to accept digital currency payments confirms speculation that the retailer’s Canadian businesses were seriously contemplating integration.

Leeds said the company has a sustainable blueprint for cryptocurrencies when asked if the company intended to more about bitcoins.

According to BroadwayWorld, TigerDirect will be utilizing easy checkout processes facilitated by BitPay. BitPay is a payment service provider and focuses on e-Commerce, B2B and enterprise products for cryptocurrency bitcoin.

TigerDirect has been in the market for over 25 years.

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