‘Bitcoin: The Movie’ in the Pipeline for All the Crypto Currency Supporters and Advocates


Bitcoin enthusiasts and supporters ‘Kickstarter’ are launching a plan to make ‘Bitcoin: The Movie’ to enlighten and educate people about the crypto currency. Initially it will require a minimum of $100,000 to make the movie; however, the cost may escalate later on if more activities and global coverage is considered for the film.

Talking about the motives behind the step, would be producer of ‘Bitcoin: The Movie’ Andrew Wong says that the fact that Bitcoin is relatively unknown can also act as the catalyst to making a good film. According to Mr. Wong a good Bitcoin documentary will play an important role in educating the public and helping them adapt to a new currency.

To fund the making of the movie, the team is gathering money from various sources; for instance, they are going to sell promotional T-shirts, posters, DVDs, private screenings, etc. amongst others. However, ironically, ‘Kickstarter’ the father of the idea is not accepting Bitcoin donations.


A Complete Documentary to Cover Diverse Aspects

The documentary on Bitcoin will show the socioeconomic impact that it is making around the world. The effort will also be to look into multiple lenses of consumer and merchant behaviors that are using the crypto currency. The documentary will educate the public about the virtual currency’s modus operandi and its potential benefits.

Interestingly, Bitcoin was doing well till the month of April this year when its exchange rate reached $250; however, now it seems faring between 80-100 which is quite low. However, it has a great impact on the around the world, particularly the ones that are considered emerging for various obvious reasons that they trust this and consider it a substitute of gold.

The documentary will also cover the diverse opinions from entrepreneurs, startup investors, speculators, etc. and bring into the notice of the stakeholders what it really can do to the world.