The University of Nicosia Announces a Course on Bitcoin

The University of Nicosia Announces a Course on Bitcoin
The University of Nicosia Announces a Course on Bitcoin

The University of Nicosia Announces a Course on Bitcoin

Earlier the last year, ForexMinute had reported how the University of Nicosia became the first educational institute anywhere in the world that started accepting Bitcoin. That was a new beginning for the institution that showed to the world that an educational institute too can take risk and promote innovation.

Now, the same university has announced that it is offering a special course on Bitcoin for all those who are interested in gaining a greater understanding of the fundamentals of the digital currency Bitcoin. All such interested parties may now enroll in “Introduction to Digital Currencies,” a free, open enrollment MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Enrollments for MOOC are open for all interested parties as soon as the announcement came from the University of Nicosia. The source from the university claims that the course is taught by Bitcoin experts who are being assisted by some professors in the related areas of Computer Science and Finance at the University of Nicosia.

The University of Nicosia is the largest in the country in Cyprus and attracts students from around the world. When in the last year, it announced that it would accept Bitcoins for tuition payments, the Bitcoin got a boost. Then it had also announced that it would design a Master of Science Degree in Digital Currency.


Excellent Opportunity to Learn About Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies

The latest decision to bring such a course has to do with the same announcement on the part of the University of Nicosia. Thus, bringing the MOOC, the first course in the master’s degree program, the university is willing to expand the scope of the digital currency. The initiative will also help the students with some interest in digital currency earn practical knowledge.

The students who successfully complete the MOOC will be able to apply credit for the course towards the full degree program. According to Andreas Antonopoulos, University of Nicosia Teaching Fellow and a leading Bitcoin and digital currency expert and entrepreneur the course is providing an excellent opportunity for those who wish to have earned expertise in Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin is a new concept, efforts have been made to make the MOOC inter-disciplinary where a student will study technical, legal, economic and regulatory matters relating to Bitcoin and digital currencies over a six week period. Interested students may register with the University of Nicosia and have a fundamental understanding about the digital currencies.

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