The Shopping Nações Unidas at the World Trade Center in São Paulo, Brazil Gets BTC ATM

The Shopping Nações Unidas at the World Trade Center in São Paulo, Brazil Gets BTC ATM
The Shopping Nações Unidas at the World Trade Center in São Paulo, Brazil Gets BTC ATM

The Shopping Nações Unidas at the World Trade Center in São Paulo, Brazil Gets BTC ATM

Coinverse has installed the Genesis1 ATM at the Shopping Nações Unidas at the World Trade Center building in São Paulo, Brazil. Talking to the media professionals Safiri Felix of Coinverse said that the launch comes at an ideal time and place to bring convenience and flexibility to the large number of international tourists who will be visiting Brazil during the World Cup.

He further added that with the installation of a Bitcoin ATM, his company will establish itself as a reference in the sector with the corporate audience and those linked to new technologies. The world cup which gathers millions of people according to the company is the right occasion to bring in a Bitcoin ATM in Brazil.

San Diego-based Genesis Coin believes that the BTC ATM will start operating when the world’s eyes are fixed on Brazil with the ongoing World Cup games. Particularly, when the World Cup is moving the national economy, the economic activities like introducing a Bitcoin ATM to help the customer is nothing but great step.

Genesis1 BTC ATM Comes With Rich Features

This Bitcoin ATM enables customers to buy and sell Bitcoin & other digital commodities for cash and work as a gateway to the world of digital currency. It’s fully 2-way for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin which the company has built the most scalable, customizable, feature-rich Bitcoin ATM.

Once Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM is installed, the operator can earn a healthy profit providing on-demand liquidity. Moreover, as Brazil expects from 600 thousand to 01 million tourists and foreigners, and about 03 million Brazilian tourists, during this world cup, many would prefer to use their Bitcoin and there won’t be anything better than Bitcoin ATM for them.

The confidence of the operator has gone up and it is soon planning to open another Bitcoin ATM in Rio de Janeiro, with plans to expand to Montevideo, Santiago and also in all Brazilian State capitals. According to the sources at Coinverse, there are a lot of opportunities and potential available in South America for Bitcoin and other digital currencies.


Therefore, it is mulling a plan to expand beyond Brazilian borders to other countries in South America. Felix even admits that his company has capital and expertise to be the largest Bitcoin enterprise in Latin America and for that it has many partners to fulfill our commitment to help people participate in the world of Bitcoin and facilitate international transactions.

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