The New Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation Invites Suggestions from Redditors


The New Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation Invites Suggestions from Redditors

Though /u/bruce_fenton has been on /r/Bitcoin for more than a year now, it was for the first time that he posted as the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation. As a newly appointed Executive Director he is now looking for suggestions and ideas from his fellow Reddit users and for that he posted this on /r/Bitcoin.

In the post he says, “The Board of Directors of the Bitcoin Foundation appointed me as the new Executive Director this week – one of my first tasks is to reach out to as many corporate and individual foundation members, members of the community and other stakeholders for ideas and suggestions about how the Bitcoin Foundation can best help Bitcoin.”

In the post he admits that the Bitcoin Foundation, like the Bitcoin space itself has had its fair share of turmoil; however, it has tried to solve most of them. For instance, right now it has a fully 100% member elected Board of Directors, new leadership and a fresh start going forward. The post to get fresh ideas from /r/Bitcoin users seems one attempt to look fresh.

The long standing complain from a lot of /r/Bitcoin users that a protocol like Bitcoin does not need an organization at all also came to his post wherein he says that this is of course true. However, he added, “We also don’t need podcasts or speakers or books or organizations of any kind either. But the bar we should set is not what Bitcoin needs to work but whether or not something can be a benefit to Bitcoin and its growth.”

Wants to Focus on the Future

Bruce Fenton believes that the Bitcoin Foundation can be a valuable asset to Bitcoin in the coming years. He appreciates the passionate individual members and high quality corporate members and a board with some of the most accomplished people in the space. He also mentions about the factors that let the Bitcoin Foundation down among Bitcoin supporters.

He says, “A combination of factors including losses on some activities, high expenses and a falling Bitcoin price has reduced the foundation’s capital. In the coming weeks I’m gathering a full picture of our internal resources and finances and with all activities will be as transparent as possible without violating the privacy of any member.”

However, he promises that he is not going to dwell on the past as much as focus on where the Bitcoin Foundation is now and what it can do in the future to most effectively benefit this space.

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