The MIT Bitcoin Expo Begins, More Than 300 Participate

The MIT Bitcoin Expo Begins, More Than 300 Participate
The MIT Bitcoin Expo Begins, More Than 300 Participate

The MIT Bitcoin Expo Begins, More Than 300 Participate

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the most happening place for Bitcoiners now as more than 300 students, faculty and community members gathered to hear about what many at the MIT Bitcoin Expo, the world’s first Bitcoin economy. Organized by Jeremy Rubin and Dan Elitzer, the event according to attendees was a huge success.

Jeremy Rubin and Dan Elitzer, the two organizers raised more than $500,000 in Bitcoin to distribute $100 in Bitcoin to each student at the beginning of the 2014 fall semester. Some other contributors for the event included HackMIT, the College Cryptocurrency Network and the MIT Society of Women Engineers.

The participants attended the program which gave first hand idea about the digital currency and its modus-operandi. It also gave several perspectives from leading academics and professionals who discussed and debated why Bitcoin and cyptocurrencies represent one of most exciting developments in decades across the fields of cryptography.

Most of the speakers with plenty of experience and expertise elaborated the Bitcoin economy from various aspects e.g. distributed computing, graph theory, finance, and economics. The event also included a workshop where expert practitioners were introduced to tools for interacting with the code that lies at the heart of Bitcoin.


The much awaited event that was meant to introduce new business to the Bitcoin economy gave insightful perspective on the digital currency. According to the organizers of the expo the event was aimed at exposing the tools and know-how needed to contribute to the experiments that are being carried out unabatedly these days.

In his interaction with the media, Bitcoin Foundation chief scientist Gavin Andresen said that his organization aims to make students aware of the tools and resources available to them so they can start working on projects related to Bitcoin.

The projects whether that is building some sort of new product or service, contributing to an open source project, or joining up with an existing venture, according to him is vital for those who wish to know about the digital currency’s future.

Panel Discussions and Discourse on the Digital Currency

According to the sources at the Bitcoin Expo, the first half of the day was comprised of panels focusing on a wide range of topics surrounding the digital currency. For instance, a lot of insightful views and opinions were shared by the honorable speakers at the event that got instant appreciation from all segments of users.

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