The Internet of Coins Crowdfund is Live Now!


The crypto and blockchain space is abuzz with innovation and creativity right now, which is exciting for the crypto enthusiasts. One such project which is well worth looking out for is the Internet of Coins. Internet of Coins aims to provide for an environment that brings together all that is interesting and innovative in the two aforementioned spaces.

Internet of Coins will serve as the decentralized environment which enables an optimally inclusive financial network, interlinking all digital forms of value. The environment will allow for the users to trade digital assets and currencies using peer-to-peer technology. The crowdfund for the project has already been initiated and the team is now preparing for the project’s imminent launch.

The Internet of Coins team has put in a lot of time and effort in the project as the project has been in development since the launch of its whitepaper in 2014. It is through their hard work that they have successfully achieved what they set out for, as creating an innovative financial network agent to link crypto-ledgers is no easy feat.

Internet of Coins is an environment for personal finance and allows anyone to store their cryptocurrencies in a secure manner, as well as trade them. The platform supports powerful blockchain applications and will have a wallet option for the users to manage their assets and coins. But that’s not all; Internet of Coins among other things is also a direct interface to smart contract systems. There are many more features like the testnet and weavechain which are being developed that will only make the platform even more powerful once launched.

Investors can be a part of this project by partaking in the Internet of Coins crowdfund. The crowdfund gives the investors an opportunity to invest in hybrid tokens. Individual investors will receive one token for every USD worth of investment. These hybrid tokens issued by Internet of Coins provide a store value across multiple blockchains and allow users to swap value between different chains when needed.

The cost per token will keep on rising with time and will lead to less Internet of Coins token being distributed. Users can receive their tokens on the blockchain of their choosing.

All tokens are scheduled to be released to investors on July 1st of 2017, after which they will become freely tradable.

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