The First Bitcoin Baby Born

Mt. Gox Temporarily Suspends US Dollar Withdrawal
Mt. Gox Temporarily Suspends US Dollar Withdrawal

Whatever its parents will be going to call him, but this is for sure that its middle name will be known as “Bitcoins”. Meet the world’s first baby conceived at a California based fertility clinic, which created a unified medical-financial history when its doctor accepted Bitcoins as the payment for its fertility treatment.

It happened when Dr. C. Terence Lee, a California fertility specialist who allowed the child’s parents to pay in Bitcoins, and even offered a large discount for the whole process. “I thought it was interesting – people supporting it as a way for the common man to take back the hold of finance. I was like, “OK, let me support them.” And then I became part of them”, quoted Dr. Lee.

The history occurred when the couple had come to Dr. Lee for their fourth baby. They did not even know a quarter of the Bitcoin concept initially but with the Dr. Lee, a bitcoin enthusiast himself, conveyed the parents that he will do the fertility treatment in exchange of Bitcoins and will further offer them a large discount, the couple instantly agreed.

They had to first set up an account with CryptoXchange by using an international money transfer from their bank in United States. After few days, the transaction was completed and Dr. Lee was paid with Bitcoins, a sum equivalent to $2,600.

But the kid became instantly special to be the first child ever born by paying Bitcoins, helping the currency’s popularity soar further.

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