The Darknet Marketplace Evolution Disappears, Customers Feel Disappointed


The Darknet Marketplace Evolution Disappears, Customers Feel Disappointed

Lots of regular customers of the popular Darknet marketplace ‘Evolution’ feel disappointed as the website is not working. Though it is not uncommon to see such websites go out of existence for a couple of hours and there is a long list of alternative URLs, this time none of these situations are happening; rather, it is permanent disappearance.

‘Evolution’ that operates on an escrow system, allows buyers and sellers to more confidently and successfully consummate sales of dodgy goods that is not available easily elsewhere. It is very much in pattern of Silk Road which was suspended after it was caught by the US authorities and the owner was sent to jail.

Bitcoin has long been associated with such operations as the transactions are untraceable when done with it; the Darknet companies have been facing a lot of trouble over the last couple of years. Generally, the market’s administrators are at the target of government agencies as at any given time have direct access to a tempting amount of virtually untraceable currency.

According to the rumors in denizens of the darkweb community the moderators in charge of Evolution had in the past few days instituted long delays in responding to and processing withdrawal requests from the marketplace’s myriad vendors. However, the rumored administrators blamed the delays on an unexpected influx of huge withdrawal requests.

They claim that the unexpected influx of huge withdrawal requests could not satisfy all at once and for this reason they had to go. However, they assure anxious vendors that the issue would be resolved within 24 hours. This though did not happen as before that 24 hours could elapse, the Evo community, its marketplace and user discussion forum went offline.

Rumors Say the Administrators have scammed off the Customers

The confusing situation created by the administrators of the website has given life to the rumors that they are have taken away all the money from the customers and are untraceable. The apparent exit scam probably should have been expected as the administrators designed and operated the Tor Carding Forum, a now-defunct site that specialized in credit card fraud.

On the other hand, the Evo buyer said he expects that the market value of Bitcoin will drop considerably over the next 24 hours as a result of the apparent mass rip-off. The digital currency has seen tremendous fall in the value in international exchange market in the last two years; it traded above $1200 in October 2013, now it is trading below $300.

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