The Cryonic Bitcoin Mining Machine Now Available for $14,995

Mt. Gox Temporarily Suspends US Dollar Withdrawal
Mt. Gox Temporarily Suspends US Dollar Withdrawal

Earlier PCs involved in Bitcoin Mining are used to be under heavy denunciation for using a larger amount of power during the whole process, on an average of 200W at max.

To make the whole process easier and affordable, Cryoniks, Inc. has recently introduced a new ‘Cryonic Bitcoin Mining Machine’, available at Pre-Order, which is claimed to be world’s first PC with on-board liquid generator and further guaranteed to consume a peak power around 2800W.

The CEO of the company, Fahad Koumaiha, further mentioned, “We use helium compression technology to super-cool condensers that in turn condense nitrogen air into its liquid form. There’s nothing even remotely similar available to the consumers.”

He added, “By sustaining cryonic temperatures we were able to achieve superconductivity with our custom designed ASIC+ processors. Not only do we get a huge boost in speed, but we cut down power consumption to around 2800W per unit; significantly less than anything on the market today.”

With the release of this machine, Cryoniks Inc. believes to make the Bitcoin Mining process a lot easier than before. The machine itself performs at an attractive computational speed of 1000 GH/S, whether a normal PC with a good graphic card normally performs at 50 GH/s.

Interested Bitcoin enthusiasts can now order the machine from Cryoniks Inc. official website.

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