The Bitcoin ‘LOL’ Moment


The Bitcoin ‘LOL’ Moment – Sending money accidentally doesn’t sound like a new thing at all. Often people enter wrong numbers and confirm their transaction amount while watching Game of Thrones (I did it once), but how many times it happens that you send money to wrong accounts, that too, when the owner of that account is anonymous and a branded crook (at least in people’s eyes). The comic tragedy is explained as follows.

The story is of a Bitcoin user DJFC who might be banging his head against a rock solid wall by now. Reason: An accidental transfer of around 800 Bitcoin (approx. $500,000) to a wrong account. And the jaw dropping twist here is the holder of that account, which is none other than Mt. Gox – a demised Japanese exchange known for eating million dollar worth Bitcoins in February (and burping few back in the name of recovery).


In his explanation, the self-victimized man said, “I messed up big time. I sent this address 800 bitcoin. I had previously sent this address 300 bitcoin a year ago, and for the life of me I cannot remember what that was! Any and all help appreciated,”

While our major concerns solely lies in a successful recovery of this person’s money, we also think that it will be a tough road ahead to do so. The only reason here is the anonymous ownership of the Bitcoin wallet, to where this huge sum is accidentally sent. While it has been proved by so many people that the wallet 113MmkyjjH6zS9VMvbwrhBNoMe6upzdvNC indeed belongs to Mt. Gox, hardly anyone knows who is actually operating this account.

DJFC, scared as hell, has even agreed to offer bounties to people who will help him recovering his amount. He was also found looking for lawyers on Reddit, hoping to receive professional help which we believe is the best thing it can do.

Meanwhile, there has been no confirmation from the Mt. Gox on this matter. Though our appeal to the exchange is to please look into their accounts again. And if they find the money, please and please show some honesty and compassion. Mr. Mark Karpeles, this is directly for you!

To contact the reporter of the story: Yashu Gola at

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