The Bitcoin Center NYC to Hold Roundtable Discussion Today

The Bitcoin Center NYC to Hold Roundtable Discussion Today
The Bitcoin Center NYC to Hold Roundtable Discussion Today

The Bitcoin Center NYC to Hold Roundtable Discussion Today

In its announcement, the Bitcoin Center NYC announced earlier that that they are going to hold a roundtable discussion on both Bitcoin and the block chain. According to the announcement both are tailored specifically for journalists and to them have a broader understanding about the two.

To be held today (Thursday), the discussion is expected to attract several participants and according to the Bitcoin Center NYC the roundtable will offer a dynamic group discussion as well as the opportunity to speak directly with Bitcoin Center NYC staff in a relaxed setting.

On the expected lines, first of its kind, the event will enlighten the participating journalists. The roundtable discussion will be held from 3 to 5 PM

Excellent Educational Tool for Reporters and Journalists Reporting Digital Currencies
The organizers of the event admit that the discussion is designed to be an educational tool for reporters and journalists looking for additional information on digital currencies. There has always been a lack of understanding about Bitcoin and other digital currencies among the reporters and journalists and this is what the discussion is focused on.

The Bitcoin Center NYC expects that all those tasked with reporting on Bitcoin and other digital currencies may not know the ins-and-outs of how it’s used; however, after attending the discussion, they will have a fundamental idea. Nonetheless, experts at the Bitcoin Center will be on-hand to answer questions from the press, on or off the record.


This will also provide a fabulous chance to develop a story on Bitcoin and as has been made clear by the organizers participant journalists need not have a story in progress, the event offers entrants a chance to initiate or develop a story. Thus, it is not just about attending the event but also developing a story for a curious journalist.

The Bitcoin Center NYC made it clear that this is just one of the many events that take place and depending upon the outcome, it will continue organizing similar events in future. According to the sources from the organization from live crypto-currency trading to the selling of Bitcoin miners, the Center serves as a hub for the community in the nation’s most populated city.

Established barely four months ago, the Bitcoin Center NYC opened on the 31st of December, 2013 at 40 Broad Street in Manhattan’s financial district, a mere one hundred feet from the New York Stock Exchange.

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