Texas Bitcoin Conference: Ciphrex’s Eric Lombrozo to Talk about Bitcoin Security


Texas Bitcoin Conference: Ciphrex’s Eric Lombrozo to Talk about Bitcoin Security

As Texas Bitcoin Conference is going on, Ciphrex’s Eric Lombrozo is going to address five critical areas of storage system for cryptocurrency security. The organizers are holding the conference at Moody Theater, home of ACL Live. Austin, Texas: the Live Music Capital of the World is the most happening place for Bitcoin now.

Divulging the facts about the event the organizers claim that Ciphrex’s Eric Lombrozo will speak at the Texas Bitcoin Conference Sunday, March 29, at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin, TX. According to them his talk will be on the five areas of a Bitcoin storage system that need to be secured as security is becoming a major concern in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Nonetheless, his presentation that will be on “Securing Bitcoin and Reaching CCSS Level 3,” will provide real-world examples of how to secure each one at a level that meets or exceeds the new CryptoCurrency Security Standard. The cryptocurrencies at large are facing huge challenge from the hackers as several Bitcoin exchanges have been hacked recently.

However, the Texas Bitcoin Conference is going to see a lot of experts talking about Bitcoin theft. Joining Lombrozo as a presenter will be Michael Perklin, president of CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium. He is not just a well-respected Bitcoin expert, certified information security professional and accomplished cyber-crime investigator and public speaker.

Talking to the media Eric Lombrozo, co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Ciphrex said that cryptocurrencies provide users with the ability to always have full control over their own money, but with great power comes great responsibility. He says that the company looking forward to collaborating with other industry leaders to develop an open security standard.

Blockchain Technology is Transforming the Way

Additionally, as Lombrozo’s talk in Austin comes directly on the heels of his presentation at the Inside Bitcoin Berlin conference in Germany, it is going to explore the solutions that are the most desirable. He says that it is one of the foremost experts in Blockchain technology which is transforming the way Bitcoin is being perceived.

Creation of mSigna, a product of Ciphrex and the most advanced, secure, user-friendly Bitcoin wallet on the market is a remarkable feat. He further clears that the first to support advanced features such as full control, scalable multi-signature account management, mSigna is the safest option to store, receive and send Bitcoin.

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