Texas-based Medical Center Begins to Accept Litecoins, Bitcoins

Texas-based Medical Center Begins to Accept Litecoins, Bitcoins

Texas-based Medical Center Begins to Accept Litecoins, Bitcoins

EMC Express Care has become the first medical facility in Texas to have been considering crypto-currencies as one of the payments mode.

ForexMinute.com – Another astounding example of virtual currency moving into the real world came with EMC Express Care. The Texas-based Urgent Care Center recently took an initiative to accept Bitcoins and Litecoins as medical payments.

Although the clinic had started to accept the virtual currencies from January 2013 itself, but the initiative took quite long to become full-fledged. In a recent press release by the EMC Express Care, the clinic proudly called itself the first ever medical clinic in Tarrant County Texas to accept Bitcoins. The post also credited the medical director of EMC Express Care Fran Genco, MD to initiate such a technological-friendly and innovative scheme at the clinic.


“We are always looking for ways to keep our wait times low and our costs low for the benefit of our patients.” said Dr. Genco. “At EMC, a patient is evaluated by a board certified physician, not a physician extender, with the added bonus of charges being a fraction of the cost of hospital or freestanding ERs.”

He also acknowledges digital currencies as an impeccable technological device for streamlining the process of the medical encounter. As no third-party is needed in digital currency transactions, patients can pay their medical bills without relying on their insurance to cover it, saving time and money and increasing privacy.

The updated version of the news though is the introduction of Litecoins in the clinic’s payment mode, a crypto-currency which is making a positive buzz in the market for being the best alternative to Bitcoins. As a matter of the fact, EMC Express Care is also the first ever facility that has trusted Litecoin’s credibility and has added it as one of their payment modes.

The news come as a boost to this currency, which has been in existence for just three years. Litecoin indeed has gained immense popularity by offering the features that are usually lacking in its guru Bitcoins. Maybe that is why, renowned institutions like EMC Express Care are taking such huge steps in trusting this digital currency.

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