Texas-Based Injection Well Operator Sues Ohio Man over Billboards


Texas-Based Injection Well Operator Sues Ohio Man over BillboardsAn injection well operator has sued an Ohio man for using a biblical reference on billboards that oppose a local fracked gas well. Buckeye Brine filed a lawsuit in July, alleging that Michael Boals used false and defamatory language in the billboards that are located along Route 36.

The two billboards oppose the two wells, which are used for disposing contaminated wastewater from oil and gas drilling activities, reported Washington Post. The Austin, Texas-based Buckeye Brine filed the complaint along with Rodney Adams, the owner of the land and the well site operator, saying that the Coshocton well is legal, safe and adheres to the state safety requirements.

One of the two billboards states “DEATH may come”.

“The accusation that the wells will cause ‘DEATH’ is a baseless and malicious attempt to damage the reputations of the plaintiffs,” according to the complaint. “The billboards are also defamatory because they state or imply that Mr. Adams and Buckeye Brine are causing ‘poisoned waters’ to enter the drinking water supply.”

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing activities, which are used to extract oil and gas in shale rocks, create millions of gallons of contaminated wastewater. This liquid, which is known as brine, is a mixture of saltwater, chemicals, mud and naturally-occurring radiation. The liquid is deemed unsafe for aquifers and ground water, hence Ohio environmental regulators require the waste liquid to be injected deep underground.

Boals, 55, was issued by Buckeye Brine with a cease-and-desist letter to pull down the signs, resulting in a legal battle. However, he refused to do so, saying the billboard cost him more than $1000 and that the messages on the billboards were misrepresented. One statement says that “injection wells pump POISONED WATERS under the feet of America’s Citizens, while the second sign is based on a prophecy from Revelation that “sees men dying from bitter waters”. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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