Tesla Model Sold in Litecoins


Tesla Model Sold in Litecoins

ForexMinute.com – Benz and Beamer, a renowned auto dealer based in Orange Country, California has recently sold a Tesla Model to an anonymous customer in exchange of $90,000 worth Litecoin.

The news was first reported by the press release issued by GoCoin, the first international payment platform, which partnered with Benz and Beamer to handle all their digital currency transactions. The aim behind publishing the press release was to acknowledge the increasing acceptance of alternate digital currencies among businesses and individuals.


“When you consider transactions like this one approaching six figures, Litecoin is proving there is room in the market for digital currencies beyond Bitcoin,” said Mr. Steve Beauregard, GoCoin founder and CEO. “We’re confident that we’ll see Dogecoin and other alt-currencies emerge to these levels as the markets mature.”

The representative of Benz and Beamer, Mr. Naresh Shah although also credited GoCoin for enabling businesses and individuals to conduct smooth transactions in digital currencies. He acknowledged how GoCoin has made it easier to pay for good and other valuable via a secure and safe payment platform. “Their platform secures the coin exchange for cash within minutes, creating a real win/win for my dealership and my customers.”

And indeed, GoCoin has been boosting lately, as many merchants have been availed to its services for making transactions in Bitcoin, as well as Litecoin, Dogecoin and several other altcoins. The PayPal-of-Cryptocurrency has also recently received million-dollars in an investment made by Bitcoin Shop, Inc. – the world’s most renowned ecommerce store that accepts digital currencies as well.

But one cannot forget to mention the increasing popularity of Litecoin as the best alternative to Bitcoin. The currency has gradually emerged into a big thing, proves the aforementioned Tesla Mode deal. The news will definitely boost its popularity among more and more merchants.

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