Tel Aviv Hackathon Results in the Creation of Bitcoin’s Own Million Dollar Homepage


Tel Aviv Hackathon Results in the Creation of Bitcoin’s Own Million Dollar Homepage

The outcome of the over 20 hours of hacking at Tel Aviv has resulted in the creation of Bitcoin’s own Million Dollar Homepage. Though there were many other interesting projects, this won the Hackathon that took place from Thursday evening until far into Friday afternoon. There were over 50 programmers who spent more than 20 hours.

These programmers were brainstorming, conceptualizing and coding at the first Decentralize This! Hackathon in the city’s Lool Venture Capital offices. Talking to media professionals Maya Zehavi, one of the organizers of the Tel Aviv Hackathon, was quite optimistic about the digital currency which has been receiving accolades from the users.

Maya Zehavi hopes the progressive technological atmosphere for which “start-up nation” Israel has made a name during the past decade will continue to gravitate towards the crypto space. She says that like many others, the organizers are disillusioned by the financial sector, and tech tools like Bitcoin can help them battle this heavily concentrated industry.

Zehavi explained to media that in order to do that effectively the organizers need to bring in new users. Nonetheless, she is of the view that the aim of this Hackathon, therefore, is to create applications that make Bitcoin more accessible in a way that attracts these new users. Attractive the new people is still a major challenge for Bitcoin.

Informing the media the organizers claim that the event was the biggest Bitcoin-related Hackathon organized in this growing Middle Eastern Bitcoin hub to date. They inform that with 14 teams building original Bitcoin applications in less than a day’s time, 10 of which made it to the finish line with a functioning product, the event has been a great success.

It’s an improvement on the Million Dollar Homepage

The organizers claim that with the significant turnout, and a balanced mixture of Bitcoin veterans and coders new to the scene, it seems this goal was certainly accomplished. Nonetheless, the Israeli hacker community demonstrated its innovative side during the day long hacking event, as the Hackathon’s final entries added up to an impressive list of projects.

According to the official announcement the judging panel comprised of early-stage investor Gigi Levy-Weiss, BlockTrail’s Ruben de Vries, Lool VC’s Yaniv Golan, VC firm Aleph’s Eden Shochat, Ernst & Young’s Yoram Tietz. The winner Blockchain Billboard is essentially a play or perhaps an improvement on the Million Dollar Homepage.

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