Targeting Professional Traders, bitFlyer Brings bitFlyer Lightening


Targeting Professional Traders, bitFlyer Brings bitFlyer Lightening

Considering the fact that professional Bitcoin traders have special kind of requirements when trading, bitFlyer has brought in bitFlyer Lightning which according to the firm will give fast speed and better transactional experience. In the press release the company says that the brand new Bitcoin Exchange has been built for professionals.

Nonetheless, bitFlyer Lightning was designed and built by bitFlyer, a company whose CEO hails from Goldman Sachs as a former equities trader. Looks like the CEO is trying to bring in the best from what he learned at the earlier company he worked at as bitFlyer Lightning incorporates an advanced and intuitive user interface, multiple customizable features, etc.

The platform even has the ability to personalize users’ screen theme; thus, it will give more personalized experience for traders than they ever had. Additionally, the platform includes essential functions for professional traders such as fast transactions, various oscillators, position management, news, and profit and loss calculation for the first time in Japan.

The company provides two kinds of login options for traders; first ones are the users who already have account with bitFlyer, they need to bitFlyer Lightning using their bitFlyer account. The other users who are new need to create an account from the bitFlyer home page. Opening a new account is easy and fast as well.

Prize Giveaway from bitFlyer

The company is also promoting the new features available in the new platform and for that it is offering giveaways. For instance, marking the release of bitFlyer Lightning, it has brought in several campaigns that will run throughout the month of July and give away a PlayStation 4 and Apple Watch to 6 lucky customers.

The first 300 customers will also be able to get a 2,000 JPY Amazon Gift Card. Additionally, the company claims that the Bitcoin Trading Tight Spread campaign as well as the Zero Transaction Fee campaign is both ongoing at the bitFlyer Bitcoin Marketplace. Nonetheless, with the bitFlyer Lightning API, users can capture data including order status, published trading history, and the full order book.

Additionally, they can send new orders, cancel or confirm balance. The bitFlyer Lightning API offers more than just a Web API, as a real-time feed via PubNub is available as well. Thus, with PubNub, you can receive data via iOS, Android, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, Objective C, .NET, and Node.js.

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