Tankers Ferrying Fracking Water Crash in Washington County


Tankers Ferrying Fracking Water Crash in Washington CountyTwo tankers ferrying fracking water and another carrying diesel crashed on Monday morning in Washington County, creating a traffic snarl-up that blocked the intersection of Henderson Avenue, Oak Grove Road and Hewitt Avenue.

Both diesel and fracking water flowed into the road; with the Canton Township Fire Chief Dave Gump estimating that 1,200 gallons of diesel may have flowed into the Chartiers Creek. However, a team has been scrambled from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to contain the situation.

Ron Sicchitano, the deputy director of Washington County Public Safety Department, said that about 400 gallons of fracking water flowed into the creek.


The accident involved a southbound diesel tanker which hit one of the two fracking water tankers from behind. The tanker in turn hit the other one as it tumbled before resting on its left side at the Lowry’s Western Shop’s parking lot. The two tankers, which are owned by Highland Environmental LLC, had halted at a red light in the intersection.

Two drivers were injured: One was treated for head injuries while the other was taken to a hospital for further evaluations, said Gump. However, the fire chief allayed fears of a major crisis by saying that the damage would only be limited to the aquatic life in the creek, reported WTAE.

The third truck that caused the crash was leased by Coen Zappi Oil Company which is based in Washington.

Police has routed traffic to a nine-mile detour and advised motorists to keep away from Henderson Avenue as the clean up continues. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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