T-Mobile’s First Foray in Virtual Currency, Announces to Accept Bitcoin Payment


T-Mobile’s First Foray in Virtual Currency, Announces to Accept Bitcoin Payment

In a revolutionary change in its transactions with the customers, T-Mobile Poland has entered into a partnership with local payment processor InPay S.A to allow customers to top-up their cell-phone credit using Bitcoin. Interestingly, this is T-Mobile’s first foray into crypto-payments and expected to fetch a large number of hip users who see Bitcoin as a great relief.

With this announcement, Bitcoin has a new use in Poland and comparatively successful telecom company T-Mobile can also benefit from as it lets customers buy phone credits with the crypto-currency. Earlier in late February, T-Mobile announced a new Bitcoin trial that would allow customers to prepay for mobile minutes with Bitcoin.

The latest announcement is the final outcome of the trial which according to the company is expected to attract the hip crowd that thinks Bitcoin can be a revolutionary payment option for various added advantages. Nonetheless, the program is the result of a partnership with Warsaw-based Bitcoin processor InPay.

T-Mobile informs that the company has rolled out the InPay payment option on its site along with instructions for how to use Bitcoin to prepay for minutes. Additionally, the company will offer customers who add minutes with Bitcoin 20 percent more calling credits as an incentive. Thus, the entire focus of the firm is to leverage the customers with Bitcoin payment option.

Currently, there are nearly 15.7 million customers that are being served by T-Mobile Poland. When the firm tried to gauge the popularity of Bitcoin payments among Polish prepaid telephone users, it received positive feedback. T-Mobile Poland, as well as its subsidiary Heyah, became the country’s first mobile operators to embrace the digital currency.

Embracing Bitcoin as it is a User-Friendly Payment Option

Nonetheless, as has been mentioned above T-Mobile is quite enthusiastic about Bitcoin. It also announced that customers paying with Bitcoin will receive 20% additional calling time. The firm indicates that its team is constantly looking for new opportunities, partnerships and cooperation with startups bringing great ideas.

According to a source from the company one of the reasons behind this initiative was to test how quick and comfortable the top-up process could be. He confirms that simplifying it to four taps while keeping high security standards is a significant achievement.

Even Lech Wilczyński, CEO and co-founder of InPay indicated that the process of buying a prepaid cell-phone credit can be completed in 30 seconds.

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