Survey by Oil and Gas Firms Shows that Majority Back Fracking in UK


Survey by Oil and Gas Firms Shows that Majority Back Fracking in UKA survey found that majority of the UK public supports the use of fracking- or hydraulic fracturing- to extract shale gas. The poll, which was done by research firm Populus on behalf of UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG), a trade group comprising UK energy firms, found that 57 percent of the population favors the controversial process.

The survey, which involved 4,000 respondents, revealed that 16 percent were against it, while 27 percent said they are undecided on whether to support fracking. 59 percent (three-fifths) of the individuals surveyed said that they are willing to have shale gas production begin as it is part of renewable energy sources. Only 12 percent of those surveyed disagreed, reported BBC News.

The poll was dismissed by environmental group Greenpeace, which says it is flawed as it lacks independence.


“Surely it’s no coincidence that the only survey out there showing this level of public support for fracking has been commissioned by the industry lobby. All independent polls show less than half of Britain backs shale drilling. This is just more smoke and mirrors to hide the obvious fact that fracking remains a highly controversial industry, far less popular than clean and safe alternatives like wind and solar,” said a spokesman for Greenpeace.

Earlier this year, another poll of similar size that was done by the University of Nottingham revealed that less than half of those surveyed backed fracking, with only 31 percent of those surveyed opposing it.

Currently, Britain is locked in a heated debate on whether to allow fracking as it seeks to wean itself from reliance on imports, boost its competitive advantage and lower gas prices. The government has reiterated that it backs fracking, though some MPs have expressed reservations about the effect of fracking on home values and the environment. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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