Supporters of Medical Marijuana in NC March Closer to Raleigh


Supporters of Medical Marijuana in NC March Closer to RaleighA group of men who support legalizing medical marijuana in North Carolina who began marching across the state on June 6 is now almost close to Raleigh, where they are expected to link up with Moral Monday protesters on Monday.

The group, which started its journey in Asheville, intends to pressurize lawmakers to allow a ballot referendum on the House Bill 1162 that seeks to legalize marijuana to be held. The activists, who are known as the March Against Fear, have been posting details of their march through YouTube clips.

“I don’t think the recreational people really understand what we’re doing and using it as a medicine,” Rebecca Forbes, a March Against Fear participant and a cancer patient told TWC News. “This is a thing you take daily like you would any medicine from a doctor.”


North Carolina lawmakers are gearing up to pass a law that permits the use of CBD oil, also known as Charlotte’s Web, a strain of medical marijuana that is known to aid in the treatment of epileptic children.

The state House approved the HB 1220 bill last week, paving the way for legalizing the use of CBD oil for treating medical conditions. The bill now awaits debate by the Senate, where once it is approved, will be passed to Gov. Pat McCrory to append his signature or veto it.

Already, some North Carolina families left for Colorado, where CBD oil is allowed. However, these families have insisted that they will come back to North Carolina once the use of CBD oil is legalized. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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