Students Stage a Silent Demonstration against Fracking in California


Students Stage a Silent Demonstration against Fracking in CaliforniaStudents spread themselves around a makeshift wooden oil rig in Dwinelle Plaza in California, fully clad in black and holding protest signs on the eve of the fourth anniversary of the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill as they sought to make their stand against fracking known.

In what is the first of the events planned to mark the start of the Earth Week this year, the students said they wanted to use their bodies to showcase the destructive effects of fracking on environment.

“An oil spill is a very visible and recognizable example of the corruption and destruction wrought by the fossil fuel industry,” Jake Soiffer, a freshman and an actions coordinator at Fossil Free Cal, told The Daily Californian. “The details — lying on the floor, wearing all black — bring out the serious, pressing nature of the issue.”


The protest was organized and planned by Fossil Free Cal and Students Against Fracking and follows last month’s demonstration on Sproul that wanted Governor Jerry Brown to prohibit fracking in California.

Fracking or technically hydraulic fracturing is a controversial method of oil and natural gas extraction that involves pumping in a mixture of fine sand, chemicals and water at high pressure into the shale formations in order to release trapped fossil fuels. It has drawn the ire of environmentalists who accuse it of polluting air and groundwater resources and causing earthquakes.

The demonstration is one of the first to be rolled in the University of California at Berkeley to mark the annual Earth Week, which is backed by the ASUC Sustainability Team. The festival, which ends on Sunday, aims to raise awareness on environmental issues and how to live a sustainable lifestyle. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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