Students of Georgia Tech Get Exclusive Bitcoin Wallet – ‘the Jacket Wallet’


Students of Georgia Tech University Get Exclusive Bitcoin Wallet - ‘the Jacket Wallet’

In an announcement Love Will, Inc, the team behind the Pheeva Bitcoin wallet, says that it has launched a branded Bitcoin wallet exclusively for students at Georgia Tech University. To be called ‘the Jacket Wallet’, this Bitcoin wallet is customized to meet the specific requirements from the students of the university students.

Especial feature in The Jacket Wallet is that it has Georgia Tech‘s signature navy blue and gold colors, and will require users to have a campus email address to enroll. Mallika Sen, the founder of Georgia@Tech and a former BitPay intern, informed that she expects interest to grow as more students begin to use the wallet and take advantage of its gamification elements.

Talking to media professionals Sen said that there is a wide variety of students and people who are interested in Bitcoin and that is something that is very encouraging. Just a couple of days ago on 24th September was the first time when the wallet was officially unveiled at a kickoff event for the school’s first dedicated Bitcoin group, Bitcoin@Tech.

At the occasion there as the Bitcoin 101 session that featured representatives from Pheeva and Georgia-based payment processor BitPay, as well as about 50 university students who had shown great interest in the digital currency. The company says that the students who download the wallet will be able to, in turn, join the COG Cooperative.

Attractive Features for Users

COG Cooperative is a dedicated social network that will reward users based on how they promote the network. In the announcement, the company said that the wallet will monetize through advertisements, but pay students a share of this revenue based on these participation points. It’s likely to be the first of many to launch at universities across the US.

The official website of the company says that there are some interesting features in the wallet it provides; for instance, it is a ‘Dedicated Hot Wallet’ which is suitable for everyday wallet for small Bitcoin transactions. It also has ‘Simple Interface’ i.e. a simple to the point user interface, which even Grandma can understand.

Similarly, it has ‘Client-side Wallet Generation’ which is generated on the users’ device wherein only encrypted wallet is stored for back up and restoration purposes. The wallet also has ‘Musketeer Unity’ wherein users can share in the overall success of the network.

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