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Stockpair Review

StockPair’s trading platform is operated and owned by Nextrade Global Ltd – an international private investment company. They are registered in Belize, a forerunner in producing Pair Options technology.Pair Options are options traded on the relative performance of underlying assets, which makes them easily available to global traders. Stockpair offers traders real time and accurate pricing due to being built on a patent pending pricing engine (US Patent Pending 3455.333.23). This produces a secure and state-of-the-art visual interface, allowing for an exceptional trading experience.

Company Information

Founded in:
London, United Kingdom
The Owner:
Nextrade Global Ltd
Phone Number:
+44 2030269450
Minimum Deposit:
Minimum Trade Amount:
Maximum Per Option:
Languages available:
English, Spanish

Trading Platform

The trading platform is unique, as you can trade with either Fixed or Floating Pair Options:

Fixed Pair Options – are Pair Options where the winning stock is determined by the relative performance of the stock pair from the time the option was purchased (start time) option to the expiry time. The option is open until its expiry and the outcome (value) is determined at the expiry.

Floating Pair Options – are Pair Options where the winning stock is determined by the relative performance of the stock pair during a predefined period in which the trade took place (a day, a week or a month). Relative performance is measured from the beginning of this period (in contrast with Fixed Pair Options which is from the time of trade). The payout time is always the end of the day, week or month. When trading is live, will indicate the then-current payout for a floating option and you can choose to close your position before expiry.

Below are the payouts available:
Fixed: up to 85%
Floating: up to 480%

Check out the list of trading assets:

Main Features

You will find the trade simulator a useful feature of this trading platform, as it will help you place a trade. There is also a demo account that is available for 3 days with an opening balance of $5,000. You can use the demo account while you have a real account – making your trading experience that much more enjoyable.

The website has a number of different sections which provide traders with a good amount of education. The fact is that the Stockpair website and trading platform are set out well, making trading you favorite stock pairs a simple process.

Customer Support

The Stockpair customer support team is helpful and well trained. The trading on the trading platform follows specific open trading hours. They currently support U.S. and European market trading hours. The customer support team may be contacted during the following trading hours: Monday to Friday between 8:15 AM GMT to 9 PM GMT. The customer support team is available via email, live chat and several international support numbers.

User Friendly

Our team has traded on the Stockpair platform a number of times and has been impressed from day one. The whole trading process is simple and pleasurable from the second you open a trade. The registration process is quick and there are many leading deposit methods. The following are the available deposit methods: Visa, Master card, Moneybookers, Debit cards, PayPal and Wire transfer. This is a great choice for the binary options market.

The trading platform is web-based, meaning no complex software downloads are required. Trade from any computer you prefer with just your username and password at hand. The platform is laid out well, as each stock pair is displayed in a different window.

There are a variety of trading options, such as fixed and floating, and a countless number of stockpairs to trade. With the ability to trade during U.S. and European market hours, it is no wonder everyone is talking about Pair Options.

Ultimate Overview

The world of online trading has been transformed with Stockpair and the products and services it offers traders. Check out the following steps below of how to trade Pair Options effectively. These are the necessary steps which show just how easy it is to trade Pair Options on the Stockpair platform.