South Africa: IFP Member of Parliament Pleads to Legalize Medical Marijuana

South Africa: IFP Member of Parliament Pleads to Legalize Medical Marijuana

South Africa: IFP Member of Parliament Pleads to Legalize Medical Marijuana

South Africa Parliament MP Mario Oriani thinks it is satisfactory to legalize the use of medical marijuana in the country. – Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, a Member of Parliament in South Africa with the Inkatha Freedom Party, pleaded the country’s President to legalize medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for cancer patients. The politician is said to have recently recovered from a 4th stage lung cancer, which he claims is the influence of his regular use of medical marijuana.

“It is an effective medicine and it is not my saying so. There is overwhelming world research from Harvard University and major institutions. It is this research that changed the policy of the United States and many countries across the world that have decriminalized marijuana,” Ambrosini told AM Live on SAFmon this Thursday.

Before his interview to the radio, Ambrosini had raised the issue in the parliament during a debate on President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), which received an uncertain response by many. One of them include is Neil Kirby, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Werkmans Attorneys, who thinks it is quite a complex task, legally, to legalize medical marijuana. He said that the nearest possibility of it is somewhere in 2016.


The man also thinks that the benefits of medical marijuana doesn’t have concrete evidences.

Meanwhile, Mario Ambrosini believes that medical marijuana has played an important role in treating his terminal cancer, without which he could have been dead by now. He strongly emphasizes on the fact that marijuana is a greater remedy for many medical conditions, including cancer and epilepsy.

His perception over the use of medical marijuana is though shared by over 20 states in the USA. Coincidentally, there is also a news that came just a day before Mario’s request in which New York denizens also polled in the favor of legalizing medical marijuana in the city.

Quite parallel to the Neil Kerby’s reaction was the Dr. Harris Straytner reaction to New Yorker marijuana-favoring poll. He stated that even the limited use of medical marijuana could lead people to use it more, which is bad in its own way.

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