South Africa Gets its First Bitcoin Academy


South Africa Gets its First Bitcoin Academy

Bitcoin has been playing vital role in the remittance market in the African continent; however, the continent has now got its first Bitcoin academy now which is expected to play important role in the study of the digital currency. The local reports say that South Africa’s first Bitcoin academy has opened its doors for organizations and individuals now.

Thus, all those who want to learn more about Bitcoin and the Blockchain can become member of the academy and learn about the digital currency. It is the first of its kind in Africa and expected to pave the way for similar academies elsewhere. Nonetheless, the academy is located at the Bandwidth Barn in Woodstock, Cape Town and was founded by Sonya Kuhnel.

Founder Sonya Kuhnel is Industry’s Experienced Professional

Sonya Kuhnel is not new to Bitcoin industry as she previously started a Bitcoin payment company and is now turning her attention to training others in Bitcoin technologies. She was quoted saying that when she first started in the Bitcoin space, she encountered significant resistance towards digital currencies from individuals and businesses in South Africa.

Kuhnel is of the view that the level of understanding of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, proved to be a real challenge and she realized she would have to first educate the market place before there would be any significant uptake of the digital currency and the cutting-edge technology behind it.

According to the announcement training dates are available from September 2015. Nonetheless, training takes place over a full day and is tailored to meet the needs of different target audiences. According to the academy each attendee will receive a Bitcoin Academy Certificate of Attendance. We offer discounted rates for groups over 50.

‘Bitcoin 101 Course’ for Newbie in Bitcoin Industry

Additionally, as the academy currently offers three courses, each aimed at different users, ranging from beginners looking for an introduction to Bitcoin to developers wanting to build products around the Blockchain, the participants have varied choice. The primary course is ‘Bitcoin 101 Course’ for individuals who have heard of Bitcoin but don’t quite understand.

Bitcoin 101 Course covers topics such as the basics of Bitcoin and the blockchain, Bitcoin mining, pricing & volatility, security issues, merchant adoption, different types of Bitcoin wallets, online exchanges, payment processing, benefits of Bitcoin, Bitcoin regulation, compliance, regulation, remittances and the future of Bitcoin.

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