SoftSwiss Launches Bitcoin Betting Exchange for Customers


SoftSwiss Launches Bitcoin Betting Exchange for Customers

SoftSwiss, one of the most successful and acknowledged casino software companies in the market of ecommerce, has announced that it has brought up Bitcoin betting exchange for customers. It according to the company allows for anonymity as players don’t have to register and leave personal data on the website.

Bitcoin and SoftSwiss seems to have similar time line as the company was formed in 2008 to develop online auction software and since then it has grown and expanded to the scale of a prosperous business and implemented a large number of successful projects. Headquartered in Austria, SoftSwiss offers its services to customers worldwide and boasts international recognition.

In the press release SoftSwiss said that there are no third-party payment providers involved and users’ bets in Bitcoin are accepted instantly. In the announcement it says that the system stops accepting bets 15 minutes before the sport events starts and when the event is finished and the outcome known, winnings are automatically transferred to users’ Bitcoin wallets.

Talking to media professionals one representative from the firm said that the decision was taken as the company felt that it is progressive. Moreover, SoftSwiss is a forward looking online casino software provider and when it noticed the emergence of Bitcoin as a popular alternative to both traditional currencies and electronic money, it made its mind.

Nonetheless, as SoftSwiss says that gamblers across the globe highly appreciate unrivaled anonymity and transparency that Bitcoin-enabled casinos have to offer, there is nothing wrong in adapting for a technology that can also bring some rich features. Also, SoftSwiss improved is trying to improve its online casino payment processing functionality.

Several Rich Features Make Bitcoin a Preferred Payment Option

To do this it has now introduced Bitcoin either as a sole payment method or as one of other payment options. The company says that offering Bitcoin as a payment option in customers’ online casino will provide them with a number of competitive advantages and help attract the most advanced gamblers.

There will be several benefits for customers; for instance there won’t be any need for gambling license and there will be significant savings on license application costs and monthly fees. Also, it won’t be subject to taxation and it will be a lot more faster time to market.

Additionally, with increased customer loyalty and complete anonymity for players, this will be a hit among players.

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