Silk Road Bitcoin Auction: One Bidder Wins Them All


Secret Weapon – The Silk Road Bitcoins Auction event took a new turn when it was revealed that an anonymous bidder bought the entire stash of 30,000 Bitcoin all alone, beating the supposed auction winner Second Market.

Organized by the US Marshall Service, the auction event was the major talk in and outside the cryptocurrency market. Many big business sharks, including the likes of just-mentioned Second Market and Pantera Capital, showed their interests in attending it. The auction finally took place on June 27th 2014, in which a total of 45 bidders sent their bids, only to find that one lucky mouse have slurped the entire kitchen.


But who exactly the winner is? USMS have been asked this question since Monday, but still prefers to keep it a secret. Only Second Market has openly come forwards to announce itself a loser, while the comments from other bidders are nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin market, it seems like, is dancing on the tune of this auction particularly. In initial parts, the event was a matter of being anxious but soon turned out to be the best thing happened to Bitcoin in recent months. The Bitcoin market has productively accepted the entire event, which has further led the coin’s price to surge over $100 within a short span.

And it is further to go up with the upcoming auction of few more Bitcoin blocks (having over 144k units) seized from Silk Road. USMS still has to announce the date of the auction.

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