Silk Road Architect Claims Being Blackmailed by Corrupt Fed Official


Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Silk Road Bitcoins Auction; NYDFS New Bitcoin Proposal; and More — The man who claims to be the chief architect of now-defunct drug marketplace Silk Road has published a series of accusations against an anonymous Federal employee.

Variety Jones, a Silk Road’s key advisor account, claims that a high ranking official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has extorted around $USD71 million from Ross Ulbricht, the now-convicted operator of the tainted website. This official, who calls himself “Diamond”, has been also involved in a series of crimes, including the leak of sensitive information, blackmailing, as well as conspiring to kidnap.

According to Jones, Diamond had contacted him in regards to offering inside tips from the department. He claimed that the Fed official knew about the arrests of his corrupted counterparts — Carl Mark Force IV and Shaun Bridges — way before they were sacked, proving he was genuinely an integral part of the FBI.

Jones further claimed that, other than him, Diamond was leaking information to many underground marketplaces, including a website called Atlantis, which eventually was shut downed in 2013.

“He wants me to move to Singapore, where he can set up a safe house and know that I’m clear of the clutches of the DOJ,” he wrote, while saying how Diamond had tipped him of an interpol notice against him. The corrupt agent had also warned him how the Thailand police was looking for him.

“If I ever fucked up and fell into the hands of the Feds, he had the reach and knew the people, and most importantly had the funds, to have me killed,” Jones added.

The Silk Road architect also made public a letter he had written to Serrin Turner, the Assistant United States Attorney for the Souther District of New York, mentioning his fears of being executed by the hands of a corrupted Fed official. An excerpt:

“Under the circumstances, I’m very concerned about falling into the clutches of Diamond, or subjecting myself to custody of the U.S. justice system, where considering the money involved, I would be in fear for my life.”

The claims made by Jones were not verified at press time.