Shibe Proposes Dogecoin Fundraiser Dedicated to Robin Williams


Shibe Proposes Dogecoin Fundraiser Dedicated to Robin Williamsi – Within hours of the death of iconic comedian-actor Robin Williams by committing suicide, one of the Dogecoin members took Reddit to propose a new fundraiser to help mentally unstable individuals.

The Shibe, nickname Theriley106, wrote:

“Just like many of you, I am deeply saddened by the loss of Robin Williams, a terrific actor, comedian, father, and role model. I feel that mental disorders are stigmatized beyond belief, and I think that should be changed. […] We can post Reddit Ad’s with links to Suicide prevention resources. You currently cannot buy Reddit Ad’s with Dogecoin, so I would be converting the coins to USD.”

Dogecoin community, which is highly known for its multiple charitable initiatives in the past, however seemed divided over this proposal, with many thinking that it would provoke a thought that Dogecoin is capitalizing on Robin William’s death. The debate kept on developing further, while keeping the quotient of “intention” to its core.


Astrodoge is one of the Shibes who believe that this fundraiser should be avoided as mental health problems are not as much a serious issue than HIV and Cancer, where the community should actually focus. Speaking as a serious well-wisher of the Dogecoin community, he also emphasized on the fact that the outside world will simply treat them as opportunists who are using a famous celebrity to run their marketing vehicle.

Some members meanwhile have already transacted Dogecoins to Theriley106’s wallet as a support to the idea he brought forth. A section of donators have also suggested him to put banners on other social platforms as well, mainly YouTube and Facebook. Some among them though also fear a possibility of people attempting a copycat suicide of Robin Williams.

Leaving the intention aside, we believe Dogecoin has always stayed in another domain of a cryptocurrency which largely focuses on community development and humanitarian ventures. Indeed this trademark feature has brought Dogecoin to be among the top coins, but its technical grounds were always under scrutiny of critics. But its adaption for charity works can always polish over the accusations it carries.

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