Sharing Bitcoin Made Easy by QuickCoin

Sharing Bitcoin Made Easy by QuickCoin
Sharing Bitcoin Made Easy by QuickCoin

Sharing Bitcoin Made Easy by QuickCoin

Now users can share Bitcoin without much hassle with QuickCoin at their services as it has made it sharing the digital currency as easy as sending a Facebook message. In its statement the organization says that though Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general are difficult to explain, the Bitcoin wallet app QuickCoin has transformed it to a great extent.

The point is, rather than explaining users what Bitcoin is, QuickCoin has made them send money quickly and easily like what they do when using Facebook. The company says that it uses Facebook Login and lets users send Bitcoins quickly and painlessly to friends and family. Currently, it is available in beta phase for users.

According to a company source QuickCoin is browser-based; thus, there is no scope for Oss like Android or iOS app. The plans cannot be ruled out if the future demands as according to CEO Nathan Lands the goal is to make an app for regular people. If it is made available in Android, it would definitely be able to make inroads.

Nathan Lands says that using the app is quite easy as here users just need to sign in and choose a friend and send them a message with the amount of Bitcoin they owe them. Thus, it looks as simple as using Facebook. Additionally, to ease the pain of sending digital cash, there’s an option to send dollar amounts instead of Bitcoins.


It Does Need Expert Level Knowledge to Use Bitcoin

Many users compare it with Venmo; however, here it’s a currency that’s not tied to a nation. The stakeholders at QuickCoin believe that it will be able to relieve those who don’t understand the concept of Bitcoin but feel mesmerized by it as they won’t need to go through with the process; rather, use it from the word go.

As has been observed many Bitcoin users themselves don’t know the concept behind the digital currency yet want to use it for they feel it is a better method for transactions. QuickCoin is an ideal solution for such people. It will expand the reach among a section which though unaware of the concept of Bitcoin, wishes to exploit the investment opportunities.

According to Nathan Lands if users remove the pain points of Bitcoin by letting anyone with a Facebook account trade and pay via the QuickCoin wallet, the currency will begin to be more widely used.

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