ShadowCash Declines Darkcoin Merger Offer


ShadowCash Declines Darkcoin Merger Offer – ShadowCash developer SDCDev today declined Darkcoin merger offer, citing a negative community vote as the main reason.

Months back, Darkcoin Core Developer Evan Duffield had approached ShadowCash with a proposal to merge. He simply praised ShadowCash developers for being top-notch, and having the ability to carry their project far ahead from where it stands today. According to Duffield, banding with Darkcoin could have made both of them the second largest cryptocurrency development team of the world.

SDCDev seemed “flattered” with the proposal sent by the Darkcoin development team, but still shied from merging their project. He spoke the words of its community, while citing an amusing example of Facebook which also received similar merging/selling offers by established companies like Google and Microsoft. “Facebook developers and investors had faith in their platform and saw it one day succeeding the older more established ones,” he explained. “Our community feels the same way about Shadow.”

It would not be unfair to say that ShadowCash has by far gone unnoticed in crypto space. There is hardly any media house that has given this coin the coverage it actually deserves, including us. One should actually credit Duffield and his team to openly recognize real talent from the bunch of scam coins. This proposal, even though rejected, still injects confidence in an emerging coin like ShadowCash.

SDCDev somewhat quoted the same in his post, and said:

“We would like to thank Evan from Darkcoin for his merger offer, but based on prior and current community feedback we have to respectfully decline. We would like to extend an open invitation to Darkcoin and the general cryptocurrency community to explore our platform. We would be open to a future collaboration between projects but at this time our primary focus is the development of ShadowCash. We wish Darkcoin the best of luck in their endeavors.”

You can read the original proposal here.

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