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[00:11] – Hello everyone! The following is the video review of the Setoption binary option platform. In this review, I will touch on the types of binary option systems that are offered by Setoption, which include above or below Option, known as Call and Put option, as well as their 60 second short term options. Additionally, I will discuss the assets that are traded by Setoption, the expiring methods they use, the pairs that are offered and the deposits and withdrawal methods along with their customer services.

[00:48] – Setoption is a very basic and easy to use binary option platform. It works well with the novice, and can be used by the experienced binary option traders as well. They offer a platform of assets to use on a number of different styles of binary options. Their basic binary option – the one that they prefer the most are their above or below option which can be seen on the screen. They offer a number of different type of assets which you can list in a little window to the left which shows you all the currencies, as well as the indices, the stocks, as well as the number of different type of commodities that can be used, which are not offered by many of the different binary options shops.

For example, sugar, coffee, wheat, corn or types of options that are usually not offered as well as Gold within Euro as opposed to the US Dollar. Their basic binary option methodology pays out between 70 and 85% for an above or below option, which is a typical option that expires in a specific amount of time. They enlist the amount of time of each option. If you believe that the market will be above the current levels, you would press call; and below the current levels, you would just press put.

It would give you an opportunity in each individual window to tell them how much you would like to speculate on each individual trade, and that is per individual asset that they offer within this very easy to use platform.
They list on their upper window, their topics as well as all the commodities, currencies, indices and stocks. One item that is offered on this binary option platform which is generally not seen is a pair option type of methodology. This is different than you will see in many binary option brokers and is a little more sophisticated as in this type of binary option you are looking to wager on whether or not Apple will be higher or lower versus Amazon in a specific time frame. And they have numerous pairs that they offer this type of binary option on. It’s called pair option trading.

It also pays out between 70 and 85 percent and is relative market mutual type of strategy where it is supposed to looking to see if Gold is higher or lower. You are looking to see if one stock relative to another stock and one index is lower to another index; it is higher or lower, which is a very nice feature for those would like to trade those types of binary options.

They offer the same one touch option but I was not able to find any active pairs so showing it to you is not in our best interest. They also offer 60 second options. 60 Seconds options are very popular but in general the payouts on 60 seconds option are usually lower than daily or inter-day options that are not as frequent as 60 second options. The 60 second option expires in 60 seconds of placing the trade. It is similar to the above or below, you’re just picking is it Up or is it Down within the next 60 seconds. You put in how much you are willing to wager on this specific binary option trade and the payout will come within 60 seconds of you placing that trade. It is very simple to use.

[04:35] – The whole motive of this platform is very simple and easy to use. The banking mechanism this type of binary option platform uses is very similar to a lot of others. Their most preferable methods are credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diner’s Club). They offer CashU as well as e-wallets to be able to place their trades. The depositing is very quick. By using this, they basically tell you that withdrawals were come back to the same methodology that you used to deposit on the trade.

Withdrawals for credit cards within 2-3 working days, and wire transfers take 4 to 5 working days to be able to get money back to specific method that you used to deposit. They have live customer support via chat, as well as number of different phone numbers you can call globally to be able to reach somebody specifically. Their overall look is very simple and very nice to use. The fact they offer paratrading is in added bonus. This is a highly recommended binary option. Good luck in all of your trading.

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