Seniors Likely to Influence Florida’s Medical Marijuana Vote


Seniors Likely to Influence Florida’s Medical Marijuana VoteAs momentum builds up ahead of the scheduled medical marijuana vote in Florida, one pattern is clearly emerging: senior citizens are more likely to influence the outcome of the polls despite talks of young people coming to vote in droves.

While opinion polls on Amendment 2-the proposed medical marijuana bill-have given mixed results, senior citizens have exhibited greater interest in the bill as they are more likely to enjoy its benefits more.

“You get older, you get sick, you start getting diseases, your bones stop working as well as they used to and you’re presented with this pharmacopoeia of different drugs that you have to take just to get through the day,” Ben Pollara, a leader of United for Care, which supports Amendment 2, told Fox 10 News. “To the extent that seniors can use marijuana to supplement or replace any of those drugs I think is a good thing.”

One notable thing is that older people have showed up in pro-medical marijuana youth events statewide. This is exhibited by a recent event at Broward College that attempted to lure young people into the campus theater with various freebies such as pizza on offer. However, most of those who showed up were older people.

Should these seniors turn out to be collectively speaking for the rest, this would be a potential goldmine for those who support Amendment 2. As is the case in the rest of the U.S., seniors in Florida are more active in voting that any other age group. In the immediate midterm election conducted in Florida in 2010, 56 percent of those aged 65 percent and above voted, exceeding other age groups and contributing to a third of all ballots cast.

The Amendment 2 only needs 60 percent approval for it to sail through, hence its supporters must concentrate on seniors as the voting day nears. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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