Sell Bitcoin at BTCGaw INC, Get 11% More Value than Blockchain’s official Rate


Sell Bitcoin at BTCGaw INC, Get 11% More Value than Blockchain's official Rate

In an astounding offer for those who wish to sell their Bitcoin at higher rates than available at Blockchain’s, is here. In the announcement BTCGaw INC says that it has brought in the latest offer for Bitcoin sellers; now, a conversion rate with an 11% increase compared to Blockchain’s official rate is available with it.

With such an offer, the Delaware-based company that was founded in July 2014 by former banking professional Tony Gaw, is trying to attract customers. In a press release the company informs that it conducts its marketing campaign with a lot of confidence that their deal for Bitcoin trade is the best on the market at the moment.

Nonetheless, formed by Tony Gaw, someone who has seen the business opportunity in the emerging markets of cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular, BTCGaw INC has been able to attract investments worth USD 1.6 Mil. According to the company sources the reason behind such an offer is to pool large amounts of Bitcoin.

At the same time it is trying to put together an online exchange office focused on corporate business. Nonetheless, BTCGaw has closed two deals already becoming the exclusive exchange house for two large online vendors who will start accepting Bitcoin payments in the near future and another deal still under negotiation for signing with a major online Casino.

Gaw says that the Bitcoin payments will eventually go mainstream within the financial system and according to him the company is not very far from that point. He says that it’s only a matter of few years that there will be concrete solution for the uncertainty and risk that are at the core of its business.

Bitcoin Transactions Would Go Mainstream

Nonetheless, Gaw has approached it as opportunity risk and built a strategy and a team of professionals around his idea of the business of the future. The company makes it clear that the uncertainty revolving around the cryptocurrency environment, together with the volatility of the digital currencies have not discouraged the young entrepreneurs.

A lot of young entrepreneurs are entering into Bitcoin ecosystem and putting their money, time and financial know-how into developing a business which is viewed as adventurous at most by many of the traditional investors. Nonetheless, to attract new customers such attractive deals are not unheard of, BTCGaw INC has brought just this now.

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