Security Traders Association New York (STANY) Now Accepts Bitcoin


Security Traders Association New York (STANY) Now Accepts Bitcoin

The Security Traders Association New York announced that it will begin accepting Bitcoin payments for tickets to its annual conference. The organization entered into partnership with the New York-based crypto-currency exchange Atlas ATS which agreed to match the amount of Bitcoin-purchased tickets, for up to $1,000.

In its announcement STANY said that all transactions made in Bitcoin will go through international payment processor GoCoin which allows for payments to be processed in both Bitcoin and litecoin. Thus, it is not just Bitcoin users but litecoin users as well are able to get a pass use their digital currency.

The STANY has been quite liberal in accepting new technologies that are transforming the way businesses are conducted or customers get cutting edge experience. In his statement to press the Security Traders Association’s CEO and Executive Director Kim Unger said that part of STANY’s mission is to educate its members about new industry developments and opportunities.


STANY is Receptive to the New Technologies like Bitcoin

Mr. Unger added that in addition to a panel discussion of cryptocurrencies, his organization thought it would encourage members to gain some first-hand experience using digital currency to pay for the event itself. The latest decision on the part of STANY is expected to encourage Bitcoin users who now have additional place where they can spend their digital currency.

Over the years, STANY played a vital role representing professionals in trading and financial services. In its existence for more than eight decades now the organization has focused specifically on issues within the security trading realm. To expand its reach and to educate professionals, it often organizes conferences and get together.

78th Annual STANY Conference and Dinner – Buy Tickets Paying in Bitcoin
In the series of its annual conferences, it is going to organize the 78th annual STANY Conference and Dinner which is going to be held on April 10th, 2014 from 8am to 9pm. The organization earlier informed participants that they need to gather at 10 Desbrosses Street, New York, NY 10013.

A range of topics will be discussed at the event that may include the Evolution and Future of ETFs, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies and Trading from the Retail Perspective, etc. The organization aims to educate members about new industry developments and opportunities. The interested parties that are willing to buy pass for the event may now pay in Bitcoin.

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