SatoshiPoint Announces the Installation of Three Robocoin ATMs in London


SatoshiPoint Announces the Installation of Three Robocoin ATMs in London

London is becoming a hotspot for Bitcoin lovers as the city is getting Bitcoin ATMs one after another. As it allows the public to buy and sell Bitcoin for cash, users feel empowered with such a development in Bitcoin infrastructure. Thanks to several Bitcoin ATMs coming up in the city, London is emerging as one of the leading cities for these machines globally.

According to the sources close to startup SatoshiPoint, the company announced the installation of three Robocoin ATMs that will be live from Friday, May 30th. Thus, this is going to happen in the next couple of days and the city will have better opportunities for customers to use their digital currency.

It won’t be simple installation, but a lot of celebration as well for the company which has thrown in a Bitcoin bash. According to the announcement the official launch party will be on the same Friday at Old Street Tube location Nincomsoup. The party will begin from 6pm and will continue late till midnight.

The company says that it hopes the party which is being held in conjunction with Bitcoin POS XBTerminal, who is also crowdfunding investment through crowd funding platform BanktotheFuture, will be a mega success. This party will be followed by another launch party that will be held a little later.


In its announcement SatoshiPoint says that the second party will be to celebrate the opening of Bristol’s first ATM location on the 3rd of June wherein Robocoin machines that represent SatoshiPoint’s first in the segment is matter of celebration for the company. There will be some more BTC ATMs that are to be installed later this year.

New Bitcoin ATMs to Facilitate Users Have Multiple Avenues to Use their Digital Currency
SatoshiPoint aims to import Bitcoin machines as it thinks focusing on operating full size commercial grade machines that allow the general public to both buy and sell Bitcoins for physical cash in seconds quickly and simply. Currently, the company’s BTC ATMs charge a flat 5% fee over the live Bitcoin price on Bitstamp.

However, it is mulling a plan wherein it will integrate with Cointrader to allow for faster withdrawals. Currently, the company thinks that its BTC ATMs will be located at Old Street, Nincomsoup, located within Old St Tube station AKA Silicon roundabout.
Another Bitcoin ATM will be at Oxford Street Rathbone News, Rathbone Place, London W1T 1JS which is closest tube Tottenham Court Road.

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