Satoshi Nakamoto is Amongst the Most Influential Men in 2013

Satoshi Nakamoto is Amongst the Most Influential Men in 2013
Satoshi Nakamoto is Amongst the Most Influential Men in 2013

Satoshi Nakamoto is Amongst the Most Influential Men in 2013

Askmen has released the list of the top influential men of 2013 which also includes Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto, the name is doing rounds despite the fact that it is not yet clear whether it is fiction or real. His profile in says, “Does Satoshi Nakamoto exist? No one is sure if the pseudonymous Bitcoin founder is a person or a collective, but what we are sure of is that his invention will have a great impact on the economy.”

Now that Bitcoin is trading close to $400, its value and importance is going to matter for its users and the establishments including banks and governments. Recently, the U.S. government Senate scheduled a meeting to discuss about Bitcoin and it is just a matter of time that Bitcoin will be a mainstream currency as it cannot be kept on the fringe.

Bitcoin’s capitalization has gone up to 1.6 billion dollars and the first ever BTC ATM has come up in Vancouver in Canada. The huge success of BTC ATM gave the much needed respite to Bitcoiners who were slacking due to the seizure of Silk Road that sold narcotics and set a bad example which brought trouble for Bitcoin as a concept.

Why Nakamoto’s Identity Does Not Matter?

The concept of Bitcoin itself is based on anonymity. It was designed to substitute technology for trust. Even the founder of Bitcoin wrote that what is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust that allows any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party.


Several journalists have tried to know about Satoshi Nakamoto without any avail; one of them was Joshua Davis of the New Yorker who searched him for four months a couple of years ago. Till now nobody knows who he is and where is. Joshua Davis on the one hand believes that it was Michael Clear, a graduate cryptography student at Dublin’s Trinity College.

Joshua David formed his opinion based on his analysis of more than 80,000 words of Nakamoto’s online writings. He did a lot of research on Satoshi’s language and using linguistic clues and concluded that it could also be Finnish economic sociologist and former games developer Vili Lehdonvirta.

Interestingly enough both these gentlemen have denied being Satoshi. Whoever is Satoshi Nakamoto or whoever the people are behind the concept of Bitcoin, they must be happy that their baby is growing healthy.

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