SaruTobi has been temporarily removed from Apple’s App Store


SaruTobi has been temporarily removed from Apple’s App Store

The creator of SaruTobi, Christian Moss has confirmed that the iOS game has been temporarily removed from Apple’s App store. Talking to media professionals he informed that the tech giant, Apple removed SaruTobi over concerns that users could mistake its in-game Bitcoin with real Bitcoin. The decision by Apple has surprised many subscribers of the game.

Christian Moss who has been making games for iOS for the past few years developed SaruTobi in an attempt to make a very simple/addictive game in SWIFT, which he thought was a good combination for the mobile platform. The name SaruTobi is literally Japanese for “Monkey Fly,” and that pretty much sums up the game play.

He informs that users need to swing a monkey on his vine, build up speed, and see how far he can fly through the air. The game also tips users in real Bitcoin and allows them to purchase animated coins with no real-world value for use in the app. Nonetheless, there was some issue which according to Moss has been fixed.

Though he has sent the app to Apple for further review after fixing the issue, it’s not yet clear when would the users be able to have access to it. Clarifying the issue Moss said that Apple had personally called him to notify him of the removal, a rarity that led him to believe it is paying increasing attention to Bitcoin.

Not long ago the game was approved by Apple; however, now it claims that its Bitcoin policy is prompting it to take action against it. In a similar action, Apple removed messaging service Wiper from the China version of its iOS App store following the integration of Bitcoin payments a couple of days ago.

Bitcoin is a Preferred Payment Option for Users around the World Says App Developer

ForexMinute had reported then that even Wiper CEO Manlion Carelli confirmed at the time that the removal was a direct result of the Bitcoin integration. The Apple has strict policy against Bitcoin, at least from its actions it looks plausible to believe. Bitcoin was the first preference for Moss when he implemented Bitcoin for the app.

According to him Bitcoin is a stateless currency and therefore is perfect for international use. He says that even a player in Africa is going to feel just as at home with it as a player in America or the UK. Nonetheless, he also believes that though Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream, the vast majority of people are still very unfamiliar with it.

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