San Jose City Passes Tougher Laws to Control Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


San Jose City Passes Tougher Laws to Control Medical Marijuana DispensariesSan Jose City Council on Tuesday night passed tight new laws for medical marijuana dispensaries in the Californian city after months of discussions over the matter.

The Council members voted 7-3 to limit where new and existing pot shops can operate, mostly to a few areas in the industrial part of the city. This effectively means that most dispensaries will have to shut down as they look for new locations to set up shop, reported CBS News.

The new rules also require pot clubs in the city to plant their own medical marijuana and have also been banned from allowing individuals under the age of 18 from getting inside their premises. The dispensaries must not be situated within 1000 feet of a park, a school or any other place where children visit, 500 feet from drug rehabilitation centers and 150 feet from residential premises. The new laws are expected to start being implemented as soon as July.


“The reason why I am supporting this is because if we do nothing, if we vote for nothing, then we’re voting to continue not regulating the industry,” said San Jose City Council Member Johnny Khamis.

However, Council member Ash Kalra, who opposed the new measure together with fellow Council members Donald Rocha and Xavier Campos, argued that the regulations are too extensive.

“Those that are flaunting the rules won’t care and will open up wherever they want anyway,” he said. “The ones that are abiding are going to be much more restricted in a way that we probably don’t want.”

Most shop operators have collected sufficient signatures seeking to have the most of the new rules repealed, though it isn’t clear whether they will have their requests implemented in the November ballot. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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