San Diego Police Find Cocaine & Firearms in Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Medical MarijuanaSan Diego law enforcement officers raided a medical marijuana dispensary known as Market Greens and found another item other than marijuana-rock cocaine.

The dispensary, which was located in the Mount Hope area, was closed on charges of operating illegally. Two employees now face allegations such as possessing cocaine with intention of sale and being a felon possessing a gun, reported U-T San Diego.

The raid highlights the risk that criminals may ride on medical marijuana businesses to conduct their nefarious activities.

“These illegal dispensaries are risky, they can be dangerous and they are attractive to criminals,” City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, told reporters.

Following the closure of the National City medical marijuana, police investigations showed that patients were refereed to Market Greens. Undercover police officers went to covertly purchase $45 worth of concentrated marijuana wax and also observed a cocaine transaction in the Market Greens’ premises.

On Oct. 15, Narcotics Task Force officers served a search warrant to Market Greens and were denied access to the area used for product storage, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said. The officers broke down the door, only to find an armed man who tried to draw a pistol, though he immediately complied with orders by the officers to stop.

The police stumbled upon 4 ½ grams of rock cocaine and obtained four firearms. Four arrests were subsequently made. One of those arrested- – the one with firearms- -has a previous criminal history, including convictions of armed bank robbery, attempted murder and battery on a police officer.

Three days after the individuals were arrested, the facility reopened for business, only to be shut down after a court order was obtained on Oct. 21. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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