Ron Gross Quits Mastercoin Project


Ron Gross Quits Mastercoin Project – In order to focus on other upcoming projects, celebrated Mastercoin Foundation board member Ron Gross announced to detach himself from the development project concerning The Master Protocol. The man also informed the community that his place will be assumed by David Johnston, who has been working constantly for boosting the Mastercoin ecosystem for the past one year.


Ron Gross has been an integral part in expanding Mastercoin to the masses. He is one of the early adapters of this digital currency and started by staying very active within the community. His interests in Mastercoin soon brought him to the upper circles where he enthusiastically participated in many events. He also even organized meet-ups, recruited developers, suggested and implemented improvements in cryptocurrency (including the PoS system, CFD and getting Mastercoin protocol on Github).

On November 10 2013, he was made the Executive Director of the Mastercoin Foundation. Since then, Ron was involved in multiple projects that mostly delivered impeccable results as the end products. His statement read:

“Throughout this time, the team and me continuously worked on building The Master Protocol layer and associated toolset, culminating in the recent release of the Master Core and Omniwallet beta. Finally, after one year of working on Mastercoin, I have decided it is time for me to move on to other projects. I believe it is the right move both for me and for Mastercoin, and I trust the continued development of the protocol in the capable hands of David Johnston.”

The market further reacted optimistically to this update. In the last 24 hours alone, the Mastercoin market cap saw a surge of over 25%. However, it would be tough to predict its course as selling pressure will be likely to develop after a certain point.

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