RoboCoin Now Releases Bitcoin’s First Real ATM

RoboCoin Now Releases Bitcoin’s First Real ATM
RoboCoin Now Releases Bitcoin’s First Real ATM

RoboCoin Now Releases Bitcoin’s First Real ATM

RoboCoin is bringing Bitcoin’s first real ATM which allows buying and selling Bitcoins from a freestanding kiosk. The company announced that it is accepting pre-orders for the machine that integrates beautiful software, bank grade hardware and security features well. RoboCoin assures its clients that they can pre-order the machine now. It also informs that the machine comes with 100% Federal compliance capabilities.

A Leading Contender for Bitcoin Machines

An official release from the company claims that with the latest technology that makes RoboCoin ATM a legitimate contender in the emerging market for Bitcoin machines, it will be able to mark its presence. Poking fun on buy-only tabletop machines, the CEO of the company Jordan Kelley says that he seriously doubts how Bush League is an ‘ATM’ if it can’t do the equivalent of deposits and withdrawals or be left unattended.

RoboCoin is available for just $20,000 per unit. The company is also providing pre-order promotion through September wherein buyers can get the machine at $18,500. It provides an attractive opportunity for business owners wherein they can earn a percentage of transactions and attract Bitcoin’s loyal user-base.

RoboCoin believes that the ever expanding loyal customer base of Bitcoin can be tapped well and here is the opportunity for business owners to use its Bitcoin ATM. The machine will not only offer unprecedented access but will also provide ease-of-adoption to Bitcoin newcomers which are quite essential for the client and Bitcoin at large.


With the launch of Bitcoin ATM, the company aims to further the popularity of the virtual currency as it considers that every RoboCoin on the market will increase Bitcoin liquidity and usage. According to the company such a measure will put upward pressure on the digital currency’s valuation, awareness, and legitimacy.

Demand for Bitcoin ATMs from Around the World

The company claims that it is receiving a lot of queries regarding its Bitcoin ATM that it launched recently and started taking pre-orders. The organization informs that the machine has been ordered for dozens of locations in the U.S. Orders have also come from Canada, Kenya, Australia, Ireland, the Philippines, Thailand, and the Czech Republic.

Kelly Optimistic About Bitcoin

Jordan Kelley seems optimistic about Bitcoin when he says that he thinks it is the future of currencies. He says that Bitcoin is democratized and authority-agnostic, and now it can be on every corner and accessible to the masses.

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