Retired Anti-Fracking Scientist Told to Stop Calling Himself a Chartered Geologist


Retired Anti-Fracking Scientist Told to Stop Calling Himself a Chartered GeologistA retired researcher who has been vocal against fracking and testified on oil and gas drilling has been lambasted for pretending for being a chartered geologist.

Dr. David Smythe, a retired professor at the University of Glasgow, highly influenced the West Sussex council to refuse to grant an application for an exploratory license. Dr. Smythe was told by the Geological Society to stop using the title “chartered geologist” since he hasn’t paid his subscription since 1996, reported the Telegraph.

His former employer also wrote to him telling him not to list his views as those of the university or its scientists.


According to Prof Paul Younger, who teaches energy engineering at the University of Glasgow: “ “He has published nothing on [shale gas] in any proper scientific forum — no doubt because he knows he would never get past peer review with his pseudo- scientific scaremongering. He falsely claims to be a chartered geologist. That’s fraudulent. It’s willful untruth. I am concerned about the damage to the reputation of the university by someone who never fails to use his university affiliation.”

Dr Smythe has been repeatedly sought out by anti-fracking activists, such as Frack Free Fenhurst group and environmentalists in Falkirk who are opposed to a coal bed methane project, in order to testify against fracking. He said Celtique Energie’s request to drill an exploratory week near Widsborough Green as “incomplete, incompetent, and disingenuous”, saying that ground water supplies risk being contaminated if hydraulic fracturing was approved.

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is a method of oil and natural gas extraction that involves pumping a high-pressure mix of water, sand and chemicals to fracture the underground shale rocks to release the trapped oil and gas. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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