Report: Bitcoin Startup Investments Hit New Highs in Q4


Report: Bitcoin Investments Hit New Highs in Q4 – A study published on CB Insights revealed the boosting nature of Bitcoin startup investments during the Q4 round.

According to the report, the investments in the Bitcoin sector has reached to its all-time high – over $107 million – during the fourth-quarter around, thus totaling the total funding to be around $400 million since 2011. The funding activity has been brought up by a handful of actors including Reid Hoffman, Real Ventures and Khosla Ventures that invested a whopping $21 million in Blockstream, a sidechain development company, followed by Bitcoin wallet company Blockchain that raised $30.5 in a funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Wicklow Capital.

The size of these deals clearly justifies the growing investments inside the Bitcoin sector. Interestingly, the same sector generated less than $25 million during the 2013’s Q3 period. Below is the illustration by CN Insights that clearly elaborates the investment growth since Bitcoin’s launch.


The Inverse Proportionality with Price
Another interesting thing to note in the report is the inverse proportionality between Bitcoin startup investments and the Bitcoin price, since July 2010. As the digital currency’s ecosystem continues to grow, its value is shrinking if once notices the chart below, designed by CB Insights.


However, this relation doesn’t have longevity once the Bitcoin adoption reaches above the threshold.

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