Renowned Online Store to Integrate Dogecoin into its Services


The words Time for Something New on a clock showing need for cha –, a renowned online store for selling and buying items in exchange of Bitcoins, will soon integrate Dogecoin into its services, reported Myriad Interactive Media, Inc. The website’s developers has initiated a new V2 development project to create a new system which will be effective enough to work with other cryptocurrencies, mainly the Litecoin-inspired Dogecoin.

Myriad CEO Derek Ivany said, “After one month of solid testing, gathering user feedback, and further market research we have decided to continue our development of into Phase 2 with several new planned integrations and upgrades.”


Despite of the fact that the original system was solely built for Bitcoin, the website recently initiated a process to change its architecture. It came up with a new and much secure API system that, as per quoted by Myriad, “will not only be beneficial for but also for third-party developers who may want to utilize the technology for other projects”.

The press release mentioned that with the new API system, customers will not be required to sync their transactions with the block chain of each currency. It further informed people about a “watch-only address” feature that will activate rapid queries of crypto account balances. This feature will make both V2 and API platform users to specify their amount before sending it to a dedicated crypto address. The system will further make a return transaction based on the balance encrypted within the “watch-only address vault.”

You can read the full press release here.

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