Renowned Digital Currency Ecommerce Store Bitcoin Shop Now Accepting Dogecoin


Renowned Digital Currency Ecommerce Store Bitcoin Shop Now Accepting Dogecoin – Renowned digital currency ecommerce store Bitcoin Shop is now accepting Dogecoin as one of its payment modes. This is the first major announcement ever to come out of the Bitcoin Shop’s box since its whopping $1.5m investment into cryptocurrency payment platform GoCoin.

Soon after their partnership with GoCoin, Bitcoin Shop suffered heavy losses as their stock value fell miserably. Although most of the blame was inflicted on the failing reputation of digital currencies nowadays, but such losses were indeed unexpected even then. By announcing to introduce Dogecoin to its services, Bitcoin Shop is perhaps trying to create a better sentiment in the market.


The store’s CEO Charles Allen had although something different to say. The man credited this new modification to the rising number of cryptocurrencies, focusing on which they are making a strategy to introduce them all to their online shopping store.
He also credited GoCoin meanwhile, saying that only their assistance has allowed them to further pursue their goal. “In doing so,” he said, “we not only diversify the risk associated with relying on one cryptocurrency, but also attract a broader consumer base.”

Charles further reminds customers of the increasing popularity of Dogecoin, which by many experts has also been predicted as the next Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin Shop CEO elaborates, “According to DogeChain, by the end of 2014 approximately 100 billion Dogecoins will be mined. We look forward to continuing to enhance the shopper and vendor experience on our platform going forward.”

GoCoin’s CEO Steve Beauregard also matched the tunes of its excited partner, and said few words of praise for the ‘WOW’ currency. While acknowledging Bitcoin Shop as the world’s first renowned company to add Dogecoins, he remarked that “until now, Dogecoin has been used largely as a tipping coin, it will be exciting to see physical goods delivered to our user’s front doors.”

We all will have to see how this new addition can help Bitcoin Shop to balance its stock value. Meanwhile, a warm congratulations to both the companies, and especially the Dogecoin community for receiving such honor.

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  1. Who cares. Aleen and his team need to be focusing on educating the public on the concept of crypto-currency and more inmportantly gaining the trust that these currencies can be trusted. Until that happens, this kind of news is just noise. The IRS labeling bitcoin as property and taxing appreciation is a steep, steep hill to climb for BTCS

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